Stand In Their Boots Live Training Oct 2018

Do you, as a mental health provider, have a desire to serve and support our nation’s military service members and their loved ones but aren’t sure if you have the knowledge you need? Join this live training and learn the tools and language to support your clients.

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Stand in Their Boots meets the needs of mental health providers, educators, managers, law enforcement and companies across the US. Training and Workshops with Stand in Their Boots connect each person we work with to the military needs and culture in a way that allows civilians to "stand in their boots", see powerful strategies for success and connect to the champion they want to serve, lead or understand. This includes programs and workshops to help families and schools understand the impact of deployment on a child's life, creating healthy homes and marriages that exist under the strain of active or past military service, military culture training and mentorship for military mental health care providers.


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Meet Rebecca 

Rebecca is a Senior Licensed Psychological Examiner and a Licensed Professional Counselor. Rebecca is a listed TN Supreme Court Rule 31 Family Mediator. She has been working in the field of mental health for over 15 years. Her professional and personal experiences with children, families and couples has led her to complete professional trainings in working with stepfamily development, couples communication, and parenting. Rebecca also has extensive training and experience in working with military service members and their families. She was in the first class of graduates to receive a Post-Masters Certificate in Military and Veteran Behavioral Health through the Department of Defense’s Center for Deployment Psychology.


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The first time my husband saw Rebecca, he came home and said,

“That is the first time any counselor has actually listened and believed me.”

What makes Rebecca special is that she’s empathetic, understanding and this is her passion. Rebecca sees the light in people – through their brokenness and through their pain. 


Spouse of an OIF Veteran


Rebecca has done her research. She has been in a chair across from hundreds, if not thousands of Soldiers and their family members  and she is healing them, on by one. It’s that experience and fortitude to not skip any steps to acquire this knowledge, coupled with her talent as a counselor that makes her a unique find and this course a must for therapists who want to work with the military population.



Rebecca has impacted my life in such a wonderful way. My marriage is stronger; my family is stronger. Our children have a very strong and secure home to grow up in now.  I think Rebecca’s spirit and her voice have been a wonderful reminder to me. The skills she has taught me to be able to deal with being a military spouse, living in a military community, while dealing with my own trauma and issues have been life-saving and life-giving.

Survivor of 9/11 & Military spouse

FREE: Quick Key to Military Acronyms

Use this guide of Military Acronyms to help you understand and make a stronger connection with your Military Clients. Enter your email to download a FREE copy now.

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