Welcome to Stand In Their Boots

Stand In Their Boots meets the needs of mental health providers, educators, managers, law enforcement, and companies across the US. Training and Workshops with Stand In Their Boots connect each person we work with to the military needs and culture in a way that allows civilians to “stand in their boots,” see powerful strategies for success, and connect to the champion they want to serve, lead, or understand. This includes programs and workshops to help families and schools understand the impact of deployment on a child’s life, creating healthy homes and marriages that exist under the strain of active or past military service, military culture training, and mentorship for military mental health care providers.

Stand In Their Boots partners with Veterans on a Mission (501c3 non-profit). This grassroots organization which assists both young and seasoned veterans to re-purpose their talents and skills in serving others. The evolution of these skills are developed on local, national, and international scales.

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