“I invited Rebecca to do 2 teaching presentations for a series on social work practices with military population at the University of TN College of Social Work. Rebecca is enthusiastic, warm, positive and energetic. Our students, professors and practicing social workers from the community who attended gave Rebecca the most glowing reviews we received from the entire series. Knowing Rebecca is taking Stand In Their Boots online is incredible! It’s meeting practitioners where they are and helping them to reach the military community. What makes Rebecca so unique is her passion from serving military members and their families – from active duty to veterans. That passion really shines through from the moment you meet her. She has filled a gap in her community for many years. This particular population can be reluctant and feel uncomfortable seeking mental health help and it takes a lot of rapport building to ease this client population. It is a skill to build rapport, set them at ease, connect, listen and understand their stories. Rebecca has a natural talent at this. She may not have walked in their boots or worn a uniform, but she is able to hear them and let them know their story is important.” -Sarah


“Rebecca has done her research. She has been in a chair across from hundreds, if not thousands of Soldiers and their family members by this point – she is healing them, on by one. Rebecca has done the work experientially – she done this on military bases across the country. She’s not just a Clarksville or a Ft. Campbell gem. She’s someone who understands every single part of military culture and military life and Rebecca has transformed it into something that therapists can have without spending a decade doing the research and work that she’s done. It’s that experience and fortitude to not skip any steps to acquire this knowledge, coupled with her talent as a counselor that makes her a unique find and this course a must for therapists who want to work with the military population.” – Jenny


“The first time my husband saw Rebecca, he came home and said, “That is the first time any counselor has actually listened and believed me.” What makes her special is that she’s empathetic. She’s understanding and this is her passion. You can tell this is her passion – it isn’t a job she comes to every day to see so many people to make the money she wants to make. She will do this from sun up to sun down. I know she’s traveled to help Guard communities and present at their FRG meetings during their deployments. Rebecca sees the light in people – through their brokenness and through their pain. There are so many providers who need to know what Rebecca knows. It’s exciting to see that she is working to train other professionals to help the military population as well as she does.”  -Melissa – Spouse of an OIF Veteran


“Rebecca has impacted my life in such a wonderful way. My marriage is stronger; my family is stronger. Our children have a very strong and secure home to grow up in now. I’m teaching the same values my parents instilled in me that Rebecca has helped remind me of – raising children with kindness, compassion, and understanding for everyone’s issues because you might meet someone who is going through issues that you have no idea about. I think Rebecca’s spirit and her voice have been a wonderful reminder to me. The skills she has taught me to be able to deal with being a military spouse, living in a military community, while dealing with my own trauma and issues have been life-saving and life-giving.” – Jenn – Survivor of 9/11 World Trade Towers and Spouse of Army Ranger Veteran 

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